August 23, 2019

Boost your beauty IQ with my new favorite NYC find

By Beverly Burch
Boost your beauty IQ with my new favorite NYC find

Here's a way to boost your beauty routine that will make you smile. Susan and I were in New York last week taking in all the amazing things the greatest city on earth has to offer. We were strolling down Fifth Avenue, browsing the shops, when we were given a trial of a new brand of lipstick. Somehow we left the store with all this Trish McEvoy makeup! I was like “I really don’t need this”, but then I started using her Beauty Booster and now I’m addicted. I want to get three or four so I can have them in all my lipstick places.

My favorite Beauty Booster is raspberry. It adds instant ultra-flattering color to my lips and cheeks that really does boost my beauty. No kidding. The silky texture glides on and stays put, giving me a healthy glow. I know I sound like an ad but it’s true.

The shop girl showed us how to best apply it to really boost your beauty. First just run the lipstick over your lips and blot your lips with the pad of your finger. Then tap the excess on your finger tip onto the apples of your cheeks. If you want a deeper glow, apply it directly to the apples and then dot the area with your finger or a Trish cream brush until it’s blended. It’s really that easy for a professional look.

Last thing. I love that the Trish McEvoy Beauty Booster is paraben and fragrance free, plus they never test on animals. Shared values with any company and product is a big bonus in my book.

Leave a comment if you tried it and like it! I would love to hear your Trish story.


Beverly Burch, Owner
Willows Fine Goods and Design

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