October 08, 2019

Come Treasure Hunt Our Vintage European Linens

By Beverly Burch
Come Treasure Hunt Our Vintage European Linens

Why all the fuss over a little fabric? Well, when it comes to vintage European linen, what’s not to love. Our new shipment has everything good that linen fabric offers...it's strong and durable, soft to touch, and so very comfortable. But the real beauty – and what keeps me stocking the shelves – is the patina of age.

Vintage European Linens Find Fountain of Youth

Did you know that linen gets softer and more pliable the more it is used and washed? In other words, linen gets better and 'younger' as it grows older. This means our vintage European linens are hitting their prime, with the promise of many great years ahead. Well-cared for linen can live a very good life for up to 30 years. Some cultures even hand down linen bed sheets as heirlooms. Note to self: update my own Will pronto. Have we maybe stumbled on the fountain of youth here?

Upgrade Your Interiors with Vintage European Linens

Right now in the shop we have stacks and stacks of gorgeous, unique pieces of vintage European linen for you to use however you wish. Made from the Flax plant, linen is one of the strongest natural fabrics and almost three times as strong as cotton. Strength and versatility means it is ideal for upholstery and other home uses. Our tan, cream, ivory and white vintage European linens can be given a second life as your new curtains, bed sheets, bath sheets, tablecloths, napkins, or hand towels. Whatever your imagination creates...and really the sky is the limit! Choose our linen fabrics for you home to instantly upgrade your interiors with a feeling of sophistication and understated elegance.

Pick Your Favorite Vintage European Linens

So, get down here! Have some fun finding your treasured pieces in our stacks and stacks of vintage European linens. Then go ahead and throw them in the washing machine - again - with our Fresh Linen Wash to take the years off some more. Let the beautiful patina shine for a long life to come.




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