March 15, 2019

See how Willows is becoming the best local business in Phoenix

By Beverly Burch
See how Willows is becoming the best local business in Phoenix

How do we become the best local business in Phoenix? One of my favorite TV shows "Cheers" taught me something about that. Not because it took place in everyone's favorite bar – though admittedly I love my wine and a chance to relax with a glass – but because of the human connection.  People walk through the front door and as soon as they do they are welcomed like family.

Three C’s To Become The Best Local Business

That's how we do it at Willows Fine Goods and Design, too. Open for business since 1997, we take time to develop personal relationships with our customers in the Arcadia neighborhood of Phoenix. And according to Harvard Business School, that's one of the “3 C’s” of the ‘Shop Local’ resurgence: Community, Curation, and Convening.

Supporting the Community to Become The Best Local Business in Phoenix

It’s well-known that supporting local business keeps local money in the community - to help real local families and better the neighborhoods we live in. Willows is a big supporter of many local nonprofits doing amazing work, which helps us become one of the best local businesses in Phoenix. We support Mother’s Grace and their incredible mission to help moms gracefully face life’s most devastating events. And, every year we design and donate a special bedding ensemble for a child that's auctioned at the Phoenix Children’s Hospital’s Beach Ball to raise money.

Curating Beautiful Things Helps Us Be The Best Local Business 

When we welcome a customer to the shop for the first time or the 100th, we'll spend time with each one to share what’s new and answer any questions they may have about our one-of-a-kinds or special orders – or really anything at all. Willows has been open for more than 20 years and our team has almost 150 years of combined experience in design and curating a beautiful lifestyle. Our team has the experience to ask the right questions to help our customers choose the best items for their needs. This is something you just can’t find on the Internet: a deep and specialized knowledge base at the ready to help our customers navigate a myriad of choices to find the perfect match for them, at the best possible price. This really helps us become the best local business in Phoenix.

The Best Local Business is a 'Favorite Place'

Since we opened so many of our clients and customers have become friends who often convene at the shop for a chat and a coffee, while looking at and handling all of the beautiful things we offer. Even though I sometimes buy items online – a convenience even I can appreciate – it too often doesn't match the experience of walking into a shop to feel a personally inviting and friendly atmosphere. A shop is as unique as the owner…and it’s like being welcomed into someone’s home for a visit.

Stop by anytime. Our door is always open for you!



Bev Burch
Owner Willows Fine Goods and Design
Phoenix, Arizona

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