January 30, 2019

Shop our new looks made in Los Angeles

By Beverly Burch
Shop our new looks made in Los Angeles

The shop is packed with new looks with the Made in Los Angeles label. Los Angeles is really giving Italy a run for the money. The Made in Los Angeles label is fast-becoming a marker of quality cutting-edge fashion. I once read that Georgio Armani said if he was to live and design clothing anywhere else in the world it would be in L.A. He says the natural light in the city is just so beautiful.

Phoenix to Los Angeles – I’ve Got It Made

For me in Phoenix it’s a quick car-ride to Downtown Los Angeles to visit the Garment District and see the latest fashions made in Los Angeles. In between meals with my daughter-in-law Mary and Instagram posts, I got to mingle with some of my favorite brands like CP Shades and Frank & Eileen, plus I met some new ones like CQY.

So Many Made in Los Angeles Brands to Choose From

Many of the Made in Los Angeles looks I brought back are classic wardrobe staples, like a delicious variety of soft cotton T-shirts and tanks by Michael Stars that are classically cool with jeans in any weather and perfect for layering.  Black, white and grey are my go-to colors. 

CP Shades is Made in Los Angeles – What You See is What You Get

I went a little bit crazy and felt like I bought the whole CP Shades spring line, which is actually sewn in San Francisco but shows at the Los Angeles Mart. Wait until you try on their amazing striped linen long-sleeved shirt. It feels so light and airy, it’s divine. I also brought back the Riley striped linen pants and several fun day dresses in linen too, of course. A fun day dress is every fashionable woman’s wardrobe must-have in 2019. Stay tuned for more on that in my next blog.

Frank and Eileen’s ‘Meghan Markle’ Debuts!

Well, let me introduce you to the new ‘Meghan Markle’ shirt made in Los Angeles by Frank & Eileen. The Barry white denim cotton shirt is so hot right now we already sold a bunch after posting it the first day on Instagram. And the Eileen distressed blue denim long-sleeve shirt is our store favorite. Kim bought one and wears it every day.

Introducing New Made in LA Fashion Brand CQY

Wait ‘til you see the new brands I have in store for you too, like the friend jean shorts made in Los Angeles by CQY. Take my word for it these classic shorts will be your new best friend, especially when summer hits which is right around the corner. CQY was started by Samuel Ku, who was president and creative director at AG jeans before he launched his own Made in Los Angeles label. He has a great track record creating the best clothes that continues at CQY. Wait until you try them on!

Los Angeles Fashion Begins and Ends with Great Shoes

For our shoe lovers (yes, that’s you) we found the new Los Angeles-based Kyma sandal fashioned after the traditional sandals of Greece. Made of vegetable tanned leather with a signature blue sole, each pair is handmade to preserve the quality and aesthetics of the region’s history, while offering a minimal modern flair. We’ll have many colors for you to choose from for your summer wardrobe.

Our Shop is Packed with New Made in Los Angeles (And California) Fare

We’re almost done unpacking it all so come over for a visit! You can shop Willows online too, remember…and we price match on everything so let us know if you find it for less somewhere else. We value your business.

Owner, Willows Fine Goods and Design

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