April 12, 2019

Try these table decorating ideas to naturally inspire

By Beverly Burch
Try these table decorating ideas to naturally inspire

My greatest joy comes from simple everyday pleasures, like cooking for loved ones and table decorating for a special meal. I am drawn to nature, so with Easter coming up I knew I wanted to create something simple, natural and beautiful to adorn my holiday table and delight my six grown children and dozens of grandkids.

These little people are some of my favorites and they love to help me decorate the table or home.

Table decorating naturally

With table decorating, there is so much joy infusing natural beauty with easy everyday items for these special moments. This year my inspiration item is Lotus leaves I saw at market with Willows designer Susan Rose. We knew right away the leaves would bundle cut flowers to anchor the perfect spring table. They do not disappoint! And they are easy to make.

Buy cut flowers and keep them refrigerated until you are ready to decorate your table.
Moisten Lotus leaves to make them supple and then cut each one in half.
Bundle flowers to roll into a cut lotus leaf then tie the bottom with twine.
Place each flower bundle on a perfect white plate for guests - like these from the Willows .

Table decorating with baskets

Along with the flower bundles try filling a basket with goodies for table decorating for any occasion. To keep with the Easter theme, we used a simple African pink-handled basket with a sleepy bunny, surprise balls treats, and brand new KYMA sandals from Los Angeles. Your baskets will be sure to thrill and delight guests of any age.

Simple table decorating and so much more

Flower bundles and basket goodies are great for table decorating, but they have other talents too. The flower bundles can be perfect for a bridal shower, a hostess gift with a bottle of Verve or girlfriend gift, just because. And the baskets, well they can be perfect for any special occasion or gift.

I hope you have a very Happy Easter filled with family, friends and plenty of love and happiness. Enjoy!

Bev Burch
Owner, Willows Fine Goods and Design

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