March 30, 2019

Watch our Instagram community grow

By Beverly Burch
Watch our Instagram community grow

Without really knowing it, I started building an Instagram community about three years ago. All my kids were on there so I started a profile. Before long I wanted one for my store and design business. Now @willowsfinegoods and @willowsdesign get to share with an amazing group of dynamic people all over the world on Instagram every day.

My Favorite Part of My Instagram Community

I think the best part about my Instagram community is the beautiful spirit and creativity of our 5,000+ followers who are doing so many incredible things. We’re all drawn together by a love of a beautiful lifestyle without boundaries. This of course includes beautiful things and exceptionally beautiful design. Meeting and communicating with many like-minded people around the world inspires me. I’m grateful for the connection and the inspiration.

How I Grow My Instagram Community

The number one thing I do for my Instagram community is build relationships. I talk to and share with as many people as I can. This means liking and commenting in a supportive and usually funny way to whatever they are sharing, including Instagram stories. I also have a personal Instagram profile @bevburch, so often the lines are blurred. I have been known to switch between my personal and business accounts and then forget that I did! @willowsfinegoods will often like and comment on an adorable Burch family grandkid instead of me. I think this actually enhances the Instagram experience for my business.

Big Thanks to My Instagram Community

When I started posting on Instagram I didn't realize how important this platform would be for my life and business. And it’s a lot of fun! Anything goes really. We get to experiment and grow and share together. I am so thankful for so many loyal followers who love Willows as much as I do, for liking my posts and for trusting me with their business. Be sure to search #willowsfinegoods and #willowsdesign on Instagram for the latest and greatest. And be sure to follow us! We are always here for you.


Bev Burch, Owner
Willows Fine Goods and Design


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